Korean J. Math. Vol. 24 No. 3 (2016) pp.409-445
DOI: https://doi.org/10.11568/kjm.2016.24.3.409

Application of convolution theory on non-linear integral operators

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Satwanti Devi
A. Swaminathan


The class $\mathcal{W}_{\beta}^\delta(\alpha,\gamma)$ defined in the domain $|z|<1$ satisfying
{\rm Re\,} e^{i\phi}
\\ +{1}/{\delta}\left(1+{zf''}/{f'}\Big)\right]\Big)
\left.\dfrac{}{}\left({f}/{z}\right)^\delta \!\left({zf'}/{f}\right)-\beta\right)>0,
with the conditions $\alpha\geq 0$, $\beta<1$, $\gamma\geq 0$, $\delta>0$ and $\phi\in\mathbb{R}$ generalizes a particular case of the largest subclass of univalent functions, namely the class of Bazilevi\v c functions. Moreover, for
$0<\delta\leq\frac{1}{(1-\zeta)}$, $0\leq\zeta<1$, the class $\mathcal{C}_\delta(\zeta)$ be the subclass of normalized analytic functions such that
{\rm Re}{\,}\left(1/\delta\left(1+zf''/f'\right)+(1-1/\delta)\left({zf'}/{f}\right)\right)>\zeta,\quad |z|<1.
In the present work, the sufficient conditions on $\lambda(t)$ are investigated, so that the non-linear integral transform
V_{\lambda}^\delta(f)(z)= \left(\int_0^1 \lambda(t) \left({f(tz)}/{t}\right)^\delta dt\right)^{1/\delta},\quad |z|<1,
carries the functions from $\mathcal{W}_{\beta}^\delta(\alpha,\gamma)$ into $\mathcal{C}_\delta(\zeta)$. Several interesting applications are provided for special choices of $\lambda(t)$. These results are useful in the attempt to generalize the two most important extremal problems in this direction using duality techniques and provide scope for further research.

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