Korean J. Math. Vol. 27 No. 2 (2019) pp.343-355
DOI: https://doi.org/10.11568/kjm.2019.27.2.343

A fixed point approach to the stability of a quadratic-cubic functional equation

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Yang-Hi Lee


In this paper, we investigate the stability of the functional equation
\begin{align*}f (x +ky)&-kf (x + y)+kf (x - y)- f (x-ky)- f (ky)\\
&+\frac{k^3+k^2-2k}2 f ( -y)-\frac{k^3-k^2-2k}2 f ( y)=0
by using the fixed point theory in the sense of L. C\u adariu and V. Radu.

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