Vol 29, No 3 (2021)

Table of Contents


Coupled fixed point results in $G$-fuzzy metric spaces for weakly compatible mappings PDF
Krishnapada Das, Krishna Kanta Sarkar 455-466
On some Copson-type integral inequality PDF
Bouharket Benaissa 467-472
Growth of solutions of linear differential-difference equations with coefficients having the same logarithmic order PDF
Nityagopal Biswas 473-481
Reduced property over idempotents PDF
Tai Keun Kwak, Yang Lee, Young Joo Seo 483-492
On maximal compact frames PDF
Jayaprasad P N, Madhavan Namboothiri N M, Santhosh P K, Varghese Jacob 493-499
A generalized approach towards normality for topological spaces PDF
Ankit Gupta, Ratna Dev Sarma 501-510
Extended spectrum of the Aluthge transformation PDF
Guemoula Asma, Abdelouahab Mansour 511-518
Coefficient estimates for a new general subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions PDF
Serap Bulut 519-526
Numerical solution of Abel's general fuzzy linear integral equations by fractional calculus method PDF
Himanshu Kumar 527-545
Sasakian 3-manifolds admitting a gradient Ricci-Yamabe soliton PDF
Dibakar Dey 547-554
On countably $g$-compactness and sequentially GO-compactness PDF
Vijayashanthi Palanichamy, J. Kannan 555-561
Intuitionistic fuzzy PMS-subalgebra of a PMS-algebra PDF
Beza Lamesgin Derseh, Berhanu Assaye Alaba, Yohannes Gedamu Wondifraw 563-576
Right-angled Artin groups on path graphs, cycle graphs and complete bipartite graphs PDF
Eon-Kyung Lee, Sang-Jin Lee 577-580
The inclusion theorems for generalized variable exponent grand Lebesgue spaces PDF
Ismail Aydin, Cihan Unal 581-591
$s$-Convex functions in the third sense PDF
Serap Kemali, Sevda Sezer, Gültekin Tınaztepe, Gabil Adilov 593-602
Residual finiteness and Abelian subgroup separability of some high dimensional graph manifolds PDF
Raeyong Kim 603-612
Weakly convergent sequences in fuzzy normed spaces PDF
Kyugeun Cho 613-620
On $I$ and $I^*$-Cauchy conditions in $C^*$-algebra valued metric spaces PDF
Amar Kumar Banerjee, Anirban Paul 621-629
Inequalities concerning polynomial and its derivative PDF
Bashir Ahmad Zargar, Manzoor Hussain Gulzar, Tawheeda Akhter 631-638
Reproducing kernel Hilbert space based on special integrable semimartingales and stochastic integration PDF
Saeed Hashemi Sababe, Maryam Yazdi, Mohammad Mehdi Shabani 639-647

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